General Questions, Assessment & Accountability, Communications, Funding & Cost

What is ATS Project Success?

ATS Project Success is an approved Supplemental Educational Services Provider (SES). We are currently approved in 41 states:

Arkansas Maryland Ohio
California Massachusetts Oklahoma
Colorado Michigan Oregon
Delaware Minnesota Pennsylvania
Florida Mississippi South Carolina
Georgia Missouri South Dakota
Hawaii Montana Tennessee
Idaho Nebraska Texas
Illinois New Hampshire Vermont
Iowa New Jersey Virginia
Kansas New Mexico Washington
Kentucky New York West Virginia
Louisiana North Carolina Wyoming
Maine North Dakota  

The company began providing supplemental services in 2003 and is based in Clinton Township, Michigan.

During the 2008-09 school year, ATS Project Success worked with 5500 students. During the last three school years, ATS Project Success has worked with nearly 22,000 students each year. Make ATS Project Success your first choice for tutoring and experience the advantage we provide.

Why is ATS Project Success Accredited?

Accreditation is designed to help educational institutions boost their ongoing performance efforts for the benefit of their students. ATS Project Success is accredited through AdvancED who insists on a relentless pursuit of excellence - foritself and for the institutions it accredits. This ethic of excellence ensures that institutions will find rich benefits from accreditation and that parents can confidently make informed decisions about their children’s education.

What kind of tutoring is available?

On-line, in home tutoring is available in mathematics and reading with support from our tutors. Students work on our computer and interact with SuccessMaker® and Odyssey® Programs. To view a video demonstration, Click here...

What grade levels do we service?

We service kindergarten through twelfth grade students, including English Language Learners and special education students.

How are tutors chosen?

We choose our staff based upon their highly-qualified credentials and their experience in successfully working with children.

How are tutors prepared to work with the students?

Once hired, tutors go through state and federal background checks as well as drug testing. They then begin an extensive training program covering our philosophy, the overview of our program, SuccessMaker® and Odyssey® software programs and methods to serve the students we serve. Weekly meetings are held with the teachers to discuss student management strategies and changes in curriculum and program overview.

What is the student-tutor ratio?

Each student is assigned a tutor who contacts them weekly.

Where and when are the services provided?

Services are provided in the student's own home and are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

What does the student use for the tutoring?

ATS Project Success supplies one of our notebook computers free of charge to the student. Internet access is also provided. The computer is shipped via delivery service with detailed instructions. Our easy to follow instructions make it possible for the students or parents to set up the computer.

What if there is trouble with the computer?

A computer technician is available by phone from 8AM-9PM Monday thru Thursday, 8AM-5PM Friday and 8AM-1PM Saturday, Sundays 12pm-5pm EST. They are trained to assist the student or parent with the set-up of the computer or any other technical issues.

What happens if the family already has a computer or Internet connection?

Each family still receives a computer from us to work while in the program. The computer comes preloaded with all required software and settings to work in our program. The computer has access only to the program and website, ensuring your child is able to work without distractions in a safe environment. We can work with most existing high-speed Internet connections. If Internet is not available we can provide Internet access for the duration of the program. (Where applicable).

What about the safety of using the Internet?

Each computer that is sent out is equipped with a program that prohibits the student from getting to the Web. While we cannot guarantee that students are not able to get to the Web, we are confident in saying that thus far none have been successful accessing any other site. We also encourage parents to set up the computer in a visible place in the home like the kitchen or family room. Our tutors have been trained in Internet safety and can recognize when a child is not working on our program.

What is the general program of instruction provided to the students?

Students use either SuccessMaker® developed by Person Digital Technonlogies or Odyssey® developed by CompassLearning® software programs. This program is preloaded on the computer the students receive and is ready to begin working with the students as soon as the computer is assembled and turned on. The program is self-paced. Students are given log-in information by their tutor.

Assessment and Accountability

How are students assessed?

Our students are assessed by SuccessMaker® (IPM) and Odyssey® (OEA) programs.

How do we measure student growth?

We measure a student's growth by his/her increase in instructional level. We expect students to increase their instructional level by one complete level after 30 hours of instruction in each subject. We compare the IPM to the ending level of the student to determine the growth.

To what degree do current assessment measures used by ATS Project Success reflect state content standards?

SuccessMaker® and Odyssey® are correlated to the state standards of all the states we are approved in.


What happens at the beginning of the program?

The school district's student learning plan is filled out for the student with consultation from the school, parents and an ATS Project Success tutor. The tutor contacts parents to discuss the program, including when the student will begin and end tutoring, as well as tutor- parent-student expectations. A district policy sheet is sent to the parents at the beginning of the program to reinforce these policies.

How is student progress communicated to parents?

Each week, the parents are called by the teacher and given a report of the student's progress. Also, a monthly report and newsletter is sent to the parents.

How is student progress communicated to the districts?

The school district coordinator is e-mailed student progress information once per week. Progress reports are sent to district coordinators, building principals, and classroom teachers once a month.

How is attendance communicated to the parents and the district?

Attendance is communicated via the progress reports. Also, a monthly attendance log is sent to the parents for them to review and approve.

Funding & Cost of the Program

How often can the students receive the services?

Students can work on our program any day of the week, any time of day as permitted by the school district. Our minimum attendance requirement is two hours per week. Some districts set limits of how many hours per day/week the students can receive tutoring. ATS Project Success adheres to these limits.

What is the minimum and maximum number of students ATS Project Success can service in the LEA?

Because our program is individualized, we can service one student in a district or we can service one thousand.

What is needed for the students to access the services?

No transportation is needed since the students are working in the safety and comfort of their own homes. All that is needed is a working home phone line or existing Internet connection in the home and a place to set the computer.

What cost is there to the parent for the program?

There is no cost to the parents for the program. All equipment, Internet access and shipping costs are taken care of by ATS Project Success.